Pensions – you don’t know what you don’t know.




Every entrepreneur or business owner has wide choices in relation to their pension. It’s easy to move from the “employed” world into the entrepreneurial world and be unaware of the options available to you, which allow you to use your pension in ways that were unimaginable to you in your former life. The presentation is in two parts:

Firstly Steve Wragg, a professional Financial Planner, will discuss how pensions can be used both for long term saving and as a tax planning tool both before and after retirement. Steve will outline the different types of plan there are, how they can work for you and how changes in pensions over recent years have meant they are more flexible than ever before.

Secondly, Andy Miller, a business owner, will explain how he embarked on a journey of discovery which has enabled him to take responsibility for his pension, leverage it to grow both his business and his pension, massively improve tax efficiency and create compounding growth that will be passed as a multi-generational legacy to his children and beyond.

If this has peaked your interest be sure to join Derby Hub on 3rd March 2021 to find out more.

We are charging £5 for this event, with all proceeds going to me&dee charity

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Steve Wragg from Glenrose Financial Planners
Andy Miller from Enable Property Solutions

Event Details

Date: 3 March, 2021

Start time: 12:30

End time: 14:00

Venue: Online via Zoom